Are you failing your math tests? Maybe you should read this….


Everyone at one time, young or old, at school or university, have had to do some tests of mathematics…

Usually, math tests are a big challenge for people. This is because since childhood we believe that mathematics is nothing more than a set of very difficult operations that can always have some mistake from us. A large part of the population is traumatized by mathematics tests because they believe they are not good enough to pass them. Even in the scientific world there are people who internalize that they are not good at math and have big flaws that will prevent them from continuing with their professional development.

I personally believe that mathematics is a language that allows us to understand absolutely everything around us, and that we should not be afraid of it, because as we move forward in the world of mathematics, operations allow us to facilitate many aspects of our daily lives. Thanks to mathematics, today we have the greatest industrial, technological, and human developments that have allowed us to get where we are today, that have allowed us to have the advanced medicine that we currently have, and that have allowed us to enjoy the great benefits of an immense amount of everyday use devices.

Without a doubt, mathematics is a tool that human beings have had for a long time. We know that the Egyptians used mathematical skills to make all their constructions, the Greeks (and many other civilizations) also had very much in mind the mathematical concepts, which we continue to use even today. From mathematics many operations derive many extraordinary numbers such as the golden number (or the golden ratio) among others (like Pi), however, a common fear lies in society about this branch of science.


Recently, a study conducted by scientists at San Francisco State University, found that the posture when taking a math test is vitally important to the outcome of the test. 125 students were studied while taking the math test, this test consisted of simple operations such as successive subtractions. Those students who had a straight or upright posture, relaxed back and shoulders, found the test easier than those who had an uncomfortable position (a sloping position).

After the test, a questionnaire was taken, in which 56% of these students said they felt much more confident sitting upright than when bent over their seat. Therefore, it can be inferred that a person’s posture at the time of taking a math test is determinant for the result they may have, since having an upright and comfortable posture promotes more self-confidence.


This is not something that is unknown to us, because it has also been shown in previous studies that the position helps speakers to feel more confident in a debate and thus to be able to better convey their message to the public.

Finally, if you want to do well in many areas including math, it is important that you maintain good posture because it will allow your brain to interpret this as if you were in a controlled environment (comfort zone) and allow you to think more clearly, having a better performance with better results.

We are still waiting for the great developments that the future will bring, you decide whether to be a spectator or a doer. Every day we can learn something new.

* Erik Peper, Richard Harvey, Lauren Mason, I-Mei Lin. Do Better in Math: How Your Body Posture May Change Stereotype Threat Response. NeuroRegulation, 2018; 5 (2): 67 DOI: 10.15540/nr.5.2.67

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